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i) Rastaology

"...Is a multidisplinary articulation of The Divinity of His Majesty Haile Selassie I as The Almighty Creator and Returned Messiah, that has as its components a cognitive plank.. of 'Selfhood'; and a socio-developmental model of 'Self-Reliance'; and is built around the quest for 'Self-Determination'.." ;



ii) Rastaology is the scientific study of the Rastafari Culture as a Social Movement/Communal Enterprise/"Development Culture", that is Cosmocentric, Theocentric and Transcultural;


iii) Rastaology is A "Cultural Science" - the total study of A People;


iv) Rastaology represents the (re-) building of an alternate infrastructure and superstructure - both of which are prequisite for the building of a "science of liberation".…

 Ras E.S.P. Mc Pherson - Founder Chairman of The E.N.F.


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