"...Ethiopia is a country with her own cultures and mores. These, our cultures and customs, more than being the legacy of our historical past, are characteristics of our Ethiopianess. We do not want our legacies and traditions to be lost. Our wish and desire is that education develop, enrich, and modify them...."


His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I






"...Before we can properly help the people we have to destroy the education of the people, the old education that teaches them that somebody is keeping them back and that God has forgotten them and that they can't rise because of their color. That old education leading in that direction must be destroyed before we can build a new Ethiopia. We can only builds a new Ethiopia with confidence, with faith in ourselves and with self-reliance, believing in our own possibilities, that we can rise to the highest in God's creation, to the highest limit placed upon man by the great Creator...."

The Rt. Hon. Saint - Marcus Mosiah Garvey, D.C.L.


   The Ethiopian National Front (ENF) - Education & Research, Arts & Science Foundation, Inc., that We have the honor to represent, is engaged in the promulgationg among Ethiopian peoples of the world the new education. It is no easy task to educate. We are still in the process of educating, and we hope one day that we will succeed in educating millions of Ethioipians world-wide.

   The ENF - Education & Research, Arts & Science Foundation, Inc., is seeking to destroy the old education, and to import the new. The old education separates Us from Our own racial vision, Our own racial outlook, and causes Us to see things only through the spectacles of the other fellow - this must be destroyed. And the education that will enable Us to take on Our own vision, must be promulgated.

   The ENF Inc. (re-) presents the Ethiopic Program of Development to Ethiopians in the diaspora (in the U.S.A., the Caribbean, The Americas), on the Continent and throughout the world-at-large. It is Ethiopia (/Africa) that is going to be the salvation of Ethiopians at home and abroad.

   The work of the ENF is to educate the Ethiopian majorities so that they will have their due privileges of ruling.

  The ENF is working, fighting for and demanding Ethiopians right which is Ethiopia (/Alkebuland/Africa).




"...The educated person that Ethiopia and countries of her level need is not one who has stuffed bits of knowledge into his mind. The needed educated individual is one who uses the ideas he obtained from his lectures, books and discussions to the best advantage of his own country and his own people. It is he who disseminates new ideas in harmony with the economic and social aspects of his own community so that fruitful results will be realized. This is the person who can show segments of knowledge he accumulated in his learning,inventiveness in a new situation..."


   The ENF ongoing educational program seeks to develop the intellect of Our People, to enable Our communities to harness, nurture and utilize their resources for the well-being and improvement of the quality of life.

 The ENF seeks to disseminate new ideas in harmony with the economic and social aspects of Our community, so that fruitful results will be realized.

   These activities of the ENF will be implemented through a modern Ethiopianist process, in which the ENF will be building upon the accumulated expierences of years, while preserving those elements of the past which have proven useful and modifying, and improving those parts which call for change.


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